House Bolting and Foundation Repair Arcadia

We are house bolting contractors specializing in seismic retrofitting, earthquake retrofitting, foundation inspection and foundation repair. We provide various types of anchors and hardware to improve the performance of the structure during the seismic event. This is a one-of-a-kind service that is offered very honestly and sincerely to our customers.    

Securing the wood framing to the concrete foundation is very common and relatively simple. Our team specializes in foundation bolting, wall bracing, seismic construction, structural design and permitting in addition to the structural upgrades. We don’t take several projects at a single time because we not only secure your home but also provide a safe environment for your family members.

House Bolting and Foundation Repair Services we offer in Arcadia:
•Concrete Epoxy Repair
•Epoxy Injection
•Structural Repairs
•Steel Reinforcement
•Stem Wall Reinforcement
•Foundation Stabilization
•Foundation Underpinning
•Drainage Repair

We always use a combination to expansion wedge anchors to bolt a house to its foundation. Our quick response and inexpensive house bolting services provide greater protection against the forces of an earthquake. We can provide all types of foundation repairs from epoxy injections to foundation underpinning; we can get your foundation repaired. Call us immediately if you feel your home requires house bolting or foundation repair.


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